33 Ways to Be a Man

how to be a man - 33 Ways to Be a Man

It has been my experience that 98 out of every 100 men are like weeds in the wind.

They bend this way and they bend that way, whichever way the wind is blowing that day.

It has further been my experience that 2 men out of every 100 men stand firm regardless of which way the wind is blowing.

Now I know the title of this article is “How to be a man” but that is not entirely true. The subject of this article is “How to be a great man.”

Notice the word great. Anyone can be a man, it takes something more to become a great man. I aim to show you the way to be superior to the the average man.

I don’t care to show you how to shave, or pee standing up, or to show you which deodorant is the manliest, I care only to show you the way to become great.

If you want to be a real man, go fart in a beer can and laugh about it with all the other morons sitting on the bar-stools next to you.

If you want to be a great man, put away the distractions and read this list with undivided attention…

It is the #1 duty of a leader to make sure his eyes are open. It sounds obvious but it isn’t. When I speak simple truths to people they look at me like I’m an alien. As if to say “b-b-b-but you cannot say that! Truth should be ignored!”

So many people are oblivious to reality. They would rather believe in a fairy tale of a third eye rather than open their two regular eyes to see the world as it is.

Here is an example, I found this comment on a random YouTube video:

“Majority of the population has there eyes sewed shut with there heads in the sand .. Its time to wake up open your third eyes’ and see everything and anything you want..”

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply open your eyes and remove your head from the sand? Actually, that is too obvious and 98% of people cannot see the obvious. This is their grave misfortune and your great fortune.

Their blind attitude is an invitation to bad luck and bad luck is not fit for a man of fortune. A man of fortune has to see the opportunity to take advantage of it.

2) Develop a lucky attitude

Luck comes to men who have a good luck mindset. Bad luck comes to the men who always say this: “I have the worst luck!”

Listen here and listen well: Words are magic spells. That is why we spell words.

Every word you say becomes true so never say negative things in relation to yourself. Every bad word you use is black magic and every positive word you use is white magic.

Do not be foolish and cast a bad luck spell on yourself. Use positive words like this:

  • I am so lucky
  • I have the best luck
  • I have great fortune
  • I am the luckiest man alive
  • Good fortune comes to me like birds come to trees

Becoming lucky is very easy to do. When you’re lucky, people will start paying attention to you.

3) Make people pay attention to you

Gene Simmons from KISS tells a great story to illustrate my point…

When I was a little kid, up in the hills of Israel, my friend Shlomo and I — he was a Moroccan Jew — went up the hills of Mount Carmel. People used to come home from work, and the very last stop on the bus stop was the beginning of Mount Carmel, the village.

I remember — Shlomo and I went to the top of the hill and picked cactus fruit. I remember when I first was sitting there as the first bus rolled in, we didn’t make a lot of noise. I must have been about six, and Shlomo must have been seven or eight.

I didn’t say anything — I was waiting for them to come over, because I’ve got cold cactus fruit. Nobody came over. Then I went, ‘Hey!’, and more people came over.

The bigger of a nuisance and the bigger a spectacle that I made of myself, the more we sold.

That’s the first lesson of mother nature and in show business — when the mother bird brings back a juicy worm, who do you think’s going to get the worm: the biggest bird, the healthiest bird, or the sickliest little putz that squeaks the loudest?

You have to grab life by the scruff of the neck and demand to pay you some attention.

You will only get the respect you demand. You have to puff out your chest, and if you don’t have it, fake it.” 

Like Gene said, do what you have to do to get what you want.

4) Say no to zen

Zen is self-help for people who don’t actually want to do anything to help themselves. Here is a perfect example zen nonsense advice:

“Being in the here and now and being at one with yourself is the ultimate cure. In other words, not letting your mind wander into the past / future. Stop identifying with your thoughts, live in the here and now, and everything else happens easily and organically.”

Let’s quickly break this advice down so you may understand why it is nonsense.

  • “Being in the here and now and being at one with yourself is the ultimate cure” = Zen mumbo jumbo that means absolutely nothing and gives you no concrete next step.
  • “Not letting your mind wander into the past / future” = Don’t learn from the past and don’t plan for the future, which is a great way to get nowhere.
  • “Stop identifying with your thoughts” = Schizophrenia

What these zen people are telling you is that thoughts without action will get you results and that you can ignore your body and still get results. Don’t make me laugh.


Your body is the physical projection of your mind. If you keep your body supremely healthy your mind will be supremely healthy.

Don’t you think there is a reason that Superman looks like Superman and not like the Penguin? If Superman looked like the Penguin do you really think he would be the same man with the same mindset? Get real.

If your body looked like Superman your mind would be like Superman because the mind is the body (and both need to be kept healthy).

5) Don’t use drugs and don’t drink alcohol regularly

To be a great man of business you must always be of a calm, clear mind.

There is no other way to say it but to say it plainly: drugs and alcohol will ruin you if you make a habit of using them regularly.

This is one area where I really do recommend moderation or total abstinence. A glass of wine with dinner is fine. A beer or two is fine. Making a habit of getting and being intoxicated is not.

PT Barnum said it well:

As no man can succeed in business unless he has a brain to enable him to lay his plans, and reason to guide him in their execution, so, no matter how bountifully a man may be blessed with intelligence, if the brain is muddled, and his judgment warped by intoxicating drinks, it is impossible for him to carry on business successfully.

Nearly all mentally ill and depressed people have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Here are a few people who loved drugs and alcohol (notice how they ended up):

  • Kurt Cobain
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Chester Bennington
  • Chris Cornell
  • Layne Staley
  • Heath Ledger

Everybody who stays in the party scene can expect a) their minds to turn to mush and b) to one day wake up in jail, the nuthouse, the intensive care unit, or the morgue where they won’t wake up at all.

Jail is the best you ca hope for when you play around with the hard stuff and that is why so many jailbirds say “I go to jail to clean up.”

Spending your life wasted is just wasting your life.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking I am speaking of performance enhancing drugs, I am speaking only of performance decreasing drugs. Performance enhancing drugs are almost a necessity in this world.

6) Maintain high testosterone and low estrogen levels

vicbrushingteeth - 33 Ways to Be a Man

Pictured: High testosterone man brushing his teeth

Hormones are everything. To be a true man you have to have high testosterone and low estrogen. Ladyboys like Crazy Uncle Caitlyn have wacky hormones.

Update your testosterone before you become gay.

To be a 100% man it is necessary to control your hormones to the best of your ability using Red-PCT and any other methods that actually work.

Which leads my to the next rule, which is very mild and easy to follow…

7) Don’t get butt-fucked

Recently I stayed in a hotel that had the restrooms outside, separated from the neighbor’s restroom by only a small brick wall so I could hear the neighbors. One day I heard 2 German fellows showering together, laughing about dropping the soap and playing grab-ass. They were laughing and just having a really great time and right then I thought to myself: “Good lord that’s gay.”

Now I’m no member of the moral police and I really don’t care if someone is gay, but nobody is going to confuse a fruity fellow with a great man.

“But Victor, it’s totally normal for 2 guys to butt-fuck each other lol!”

Yeah right. Nobody is going to high-five you for butt-fucking another man. A great man is only born from a father and a mother, so…

I don’t recommend getting married, the cons outweigh the benefits. But if you do get married you must pick the right wife. Here’s how…

Your wife is your business partner not your one true love. A marriage will be the greatest business partnership you ever form and you must choose wisely.

If you marry someone for love you are making a foolish decision. Love and looks will fade in time, you will be left only with attitude. Your wife has to have a positive mental attitude jut like you. Together, with a shared common goal, you will be able to do many great things that are impossible to do if you were alone.

Speaking of love, it isn’t really real. “Love” is an infatuation that happens when

  • a) someone cares less about you than you care about them or
  • b) a lovely looking lady has bewitched you with her looks.

We all know men who become stupid when they meet a pretty girl. This is because they have been bewitched. Bewitching happens when pretty girls use charm and sex to put a hex on you. This is why it is very important to choose a wife for more than just looks.

“I don’t believe in love at first sight. I think it’s a grave mistake. You’re attracted by physical characteristics and you will regret it.” -Lee Kuan Yew

In the quest for great success, her helpful attitude is much more important than her looks and glamour. Chasing her looks will end up with her in complete control of you. Chasing glamour can cause otherwise capable men to lose everything.

Remember this, she is your BUSINESS PARTNER. Make sure your business partner has the same positive mental attitude and the same goal as you. Your partnership can produce grand things or it can produce total ruin.

Choose the right wife by her attitude and willingness to go with you on your journey to greatness. Don’t ever “do the right thing” and get married to try and be a good guy because being too nice will be your ruin.

Do you remember the story I told you about the invisible little girl in the supermarket?

“I was shopping at the local supermarket the other day and in front of me in line was a little girl.

She looked like she was waiting to pay for something, but she didn’t say anything so no one paid any attention to her.

She was at the front of the checkout line. There were about 3 people in front of me. They all purchased their food and left, the little girl just silently stood there.

When I got to the front of the line, I looked at the little girl and I looked at the cashier. I said “what does this little girl want?”

Finally the cashier looked at the little girl and asked her what she wanted. The little girl said she wanted to buy some candy.

She was too nice to say anything so she just waited until somebody acknowledged her before she could buy her candy.

Finally after she was asked what she wanted, she was able to buy her candy and leave.”

Do you know what I realized after seeing the invisible little girl? Being too nice can make you invisible in this world.

It’s ok to be nice as a kiddo, but when you grow up it’s time to grow some balls because nice guys are treated worse than invisible.

Nobody respects nice guys because nice guys don’t demand respect or command fear. In other words, they have the characteristics of what is scientifically called a “pussy”.

Being nice can become your demise, you gotta be a little mean to get the green.

Friend, let’s face reality. You’re not really much of a man if you’re broke, are you? That is because money is a manifestation of your mentality as a man.

When I started making big money people started treating me with big respect. Not because I flash money, but because my mentality matured and I silently started to command respect. When you can command money, you can command the world.

Making big money has nothing to do with luck, it has everything to do with your ability as a man of will (not skill). Men of will have money.

“Rich people are creators of circumstance.” -Jordan Belfort

“But Victor, you can’t take money with you when you die!!!!!” -Loser Guy

When you die you cannot take potato chips, snack cakes and soda pop with you either but it doesn’t stop you from consuming them every day in front of your internet porno screen.

“…touché.” -Loser Guy

Internet porn saps your precious vital energy and darkens your eyes and your soul. Be a real life sex god, don’t be a dark bedroom computer weirdo.

Sex in real life GIVES YOU VITAL ENERGY. Internet porn takes it away.

Also, do not be addicted to social media. It is unbecoming of a man to gossip on social media all day long.

Being a great man requires you to live in the real world and do real things that benefit real people. When you spend all of your time watching internet porn or watching social media all you do is waste away.

If you love to stare at words so much why waste your eyes reading social media when you could be reading true knowledge?

12) Be well read

In my large home in Los Angeles I started with a small library in the corner. The library eventually grew to any overtake any open spot in the home. At first I had a small library in my home then I had a small home in my library.

I eventually sold, gave away or trashed all of my possessions except for my books which are in safe storage until my return. Knowledge is too valuable to just give away to the uninitiated and unconcerned.

All great men of knowledge gained their knowledge the exact same way: By being voracious book readers AND applying that knowledge to real life situations.

All of the knowledge in the known world is inside of books, the more books you read the more knowledge you gain.

Be sure to put the knowledge to use because knowledge unused is worthless.

Nobody appreciates a book-worm nerd who never accomplished anything. Everybody respects well-read men who put their knowledge to use.

Put the best books for men on your bookshelf and earn the knowledge of the ages. These great authors of the ages will teach you very valuable life lessons.

13) Always wear a mask of success

IMG 4652 - 33 Ways to Be a Man

Success requires you wear a mask of success. You must never be “caught with your pants down”. Wearing a mask is not about hiding, it is about showing only the best aspects of your personality.

Always be “on” by wearing a proverbial mask and never let anyone catch you slipping. Relax in private, never relax in public. In public, you show your best self.

For example, just because you woke up in a bad mood one day does not mean you need to show it to other people. You’ve got to always put your best foot forward.

I recently grew my hair long and grew a hippie beard and I noticed one thing: people treated me like a disgusting hippie bum. They would hassle me at airline customs for no reason (other than the obvious). When I shaved the beard and got a terrific haircut, people again started treating me like royalty.

People treat you better when you are dressed well. This is just a fact of life.

Friend, it is all in the presentation. If you present the best version of yourself people will treat you like the best version of yourself. This is why it is important to dress well every day.

To dress well every single day without fail you should do what Nate recommends and develop a personal uniform. All of the greats from Jobs to Lincoln had a very distinct look.

15) Work every day

Working every day is the magic that makes great things happen and saves a man’s soul. You want to live in heaven? Heaven is found in the discipline of daily work. Want to live in hell? Don’t do any work.

There is a big reason why welfare bums are miserable (they don’t work). When you don’t work every day you have no desire for life. Without a reason to work every day there is no reason to live life.

Work is desire. Work is freedom. A day off is a day of slavery to boredom and longing and sloth.

“I hated days off!” -Jerry Rice

Don’t you see it is the discipline of developing and keeping a work schedule that keeps you free?

Take advantage of nature’s remedy and develop a rock solid work ethic. It is easy to have an indestructible work ethic when you work for something bigger than yourself.

16) Have a muse that makes you work for more

Muse = a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

It is only when you work for something bigger than yourself that you begin to accomplish great things. Nobody cares about themselves in the way that they care about the object of their desire.

When you have a muse you work towards something bigger than yourself and you will accomplish something bigger than yourself.

(Of course, accomplishing something big requires you to go out on your own…)

Sorry, but you cannot be a great man if you call another man, or woman, “boss”. Responsibility is always the very first step to freedom. To be a great man is to accept great responsibility.

Letting somebody else be your boss, and letting them be responsible for you, costs you the opportunity to be a great man.

To be a great man is to walk out into the unknown, on your own. It takes balls of steel to become an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs have no safety net. It is do or die.

All great men of the world have gone into the unknown and come back with their treasure.

Treasure is only for leaders so learn how to be a leader and get your treasure.

18) Don’t ask for respect, take it

I never asked anybody in my life for respect. The respect given to me has nothing to do with my desire for it because I don’t care for it and I don’t yearn for it.

I respect myself and have for all of my life. Down to my bones I know one thing for certain: I am correct. What another person thinks is not significant to me.

Do you know the funny thing that happens when you respect yourself and don’t yearn for approval? You are granted respect by all people. It happens naturally.

If you want to get respect you have to respect yourself first. If you do not respect yourself nobody will respect you.

Respect yourself and never worry about what other people think. Worrying about what other people think is feminine and will cause people to not respect you.

Learn how to stop worrying and start winning.

Have you ever read survival stories from people who were attacked by sharks or bears and got away? How did they get away? They got away by fighting.

If you want to get away from a shark, punch it in the mouth and it will let you go. You have to fight back or be eaten alive.

In our world we have to fight crybabies who demand apologies. To fight them off, instead of throwing a punch, what you do is stand firm and NEVER APOLOGIZE.

Never showing remorse or apologies is the same as throwing a punch. Being defiant and never apologizing is the only way you live in peace.

If you apologize one time they will not stop tearing you to pieces until there is nothing left to tear.

“Apology is weakness, show no weakness.”

When you apologize you do not appease the crowd, you further enrage them and they will descend upon you like a thousand vultures in hell.

If you don’t learn to defend yourself who will defend you? Mom and dad cannot be there at all times. The only person who is with you at all times is yourself.

You can only depend only on yourself to defend yourself.

In this world people will prey on you if you allow them. It is imperative to learn to defend yourself so that you do not become a victim.

Learn to be cold when it is time to be cold.


All great men of character are lone wolves by nature. That is because there is only one person who you can always depend on: yourself.

Learn from the best but always remember: There are no role-models for being an individual.

Nobody can teach you to be the best version of yourself. It is entirely your job to learn and earn your independence.

Nietzche said that an independent man proves that he is not only strong, but also daring beyond measure. To be daring beyond measure requires you to have a clear vision of the future and work towards it.

22) Live in the future

I once heard a great con man say: “Life can only be understood looking backwards; unfortunately, it must be lived forwards.”

To be a great man is to be able to disregard immediate results and work towards future goals.

Never follow this “live in the now” zen silliness. Living in the now is what dogs do. Never thinking about the future and never learning from the past, just barely getting by begging for scraps of food.

As a man it is very important to be future oriented and plant seeds for the future.

In this world it is imperative that you learn from past mistakes and that you plan for the future and stick to the plan.

23) Exercise every day

Exercise is not just for physical development, it is for mental and physical health. You have to exercise to be healthy, in both mind and body.

Exercise just has to be a part of your daily routine just like shitting, showering, and shaving.

Exercise is also the way you develop energy. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, the world belongs to the energetic.

24) Develop the body of a spartan

I can promise you one thing: People treat you well when you look like a Greek God.

In my life I have been skinny and I have been heavily muscled. Here’s what I learned…

When you’re skinny you’re just a regular person, when you’re muscled up you become something more and people treat you as something more. People will come to you out of the blue just to touch your arms and say “WOW!”

To be the best you can be requires you to develop your body to the best of its ability.

Remember, physical development aka bodybuilding is not the same thing as exercising. Exercise is what you do for your heart and your mind, bodybuilding is what you do to make your body look like Zeus and you cannot die without looking like Zeus at least once.

You gotta develop a 6 pack at least once in your life.

victor pride lean body low fat ripped shredded - 33 Ways to Be a Man

A great body will make you stand tall above all.

25) Learn from the best (ignore the rest)

People always ask me if I read XYZ person or if I follow XYZ person’s philosophy and here is the answer: Hell no I don’t. I live life my way. I find only tidbits from other people and I put them together into my own Full Color philosophy of life.

To be the best you’ve got to learn from the best and ignore the rest. I did mention it is important to learn from books, but you have to learn from the right books.

It has again been my experience that 98 out of every 100 books are not written by masters but by students rehashing the teachings of a master.

To learn from the best, you have to find the 2% of books that were actually written by the masters of their fields. (Even then you can only take bits and pieces from them to form your own philosophy.)

These books are easy to know because they will jump out at you as if they were alive. The words will seem to be speaking directly to you. These books are the wows-makers that make you open your eyes and mouth to say “WOW!”

Best Books for Men - 33 Ways to Be a Man

26) Don’t compare yourself to them

Comparing yourself to others is futile because the only competition is yourself. You are you, he is him, she is her, they are them.

Do not worry about them, only worry about what you can control and the only thing you can control is yourself.

There is no competition to be you because there is only one you and there will only ever be one of you. Be you and be your best.

Who gives a damn what Teddy and Freddy are doing? That is their business. Let them be involved in their business and you stick to yours.

27) Think twice before saying nothing

They say that a great diplomat is a man who thinks twice before saying nothing. Heed this great advice and don’t be too chatty.

When you speak too much you give away everything. You give away your plans, your strategy, your capabilities and your fears.

“You never open your mouth ’til you know what the shot is.” -Al Pacino, Glengarry Glen Ross

Many great men of history have said that it is a far greater accomplishment to listen well than it is to speak well.

The 4 rules of speaking:

  1. Never interrupt people when they are speaking. I constantly see the 98% of the failures interrupting people, unable to hold in their words for a few more moments.
  2. When it comes to business, always be the last to speak. Let everyone else reveal their thoughts, consider all of the information, then open your mouth and let your voice be heard. You will always be the wisest man in the room if you are the last man in the room to open his mouth.
  3. Always speak with finality and exude complete authority. Never speak too much, always leave something left unsaid.
  4. When you do speak, make sure you have something real to say. Never, ever speak just to complain.

28) Never complain

Complaints are feminine. Feminine types complain because they believe that they do not have the ability to change circumstance, which is incorrect. Women can change their circumstance as easily as men.

Change is nothing but an attitude of the mind. Complaining keeps you from evolving to a higher form. As a true man of virtue there is no acceptable reason to complain.

“A warrior cannot complain or regret anything.” -Carlos Castañeda

Every great man is highly sexed. It is this vital sexual energy that is the engine of all greatness. To be a great man you can use your sex energy and transmute it to business.

So many people overcomplicate transmutation of sexual energy. They think their is some witchcraft voodoo process when it is actually very simple:

Be highly sexed and transfer that sexual energy to business or art.

What is the most creative act on earth? Sex. Sex creates a living being. It is the utmost in creativity. Use this sexual energy in your business or your art to get the most creativity out of yourself.

30) Strive to be brave

A great man is a brave man.

To become a great man you must learn to be brave by doing something brave like killing a tiger with your bare hands or going into business for yourself.

Entrepreneurship is brave because when you start no one will believe in you, no one will trust you, no one will help you, and everyone will doubt you. Therefore, success rests solely on your shoulders. You make it happen or you quit.

The whole world respects a man who makes it happens and the whole world secretly disdains a quitter. They’ll tell you soothing words like “you made the right choice” but they tell you these words because they know you are weak and they secretly rejoice in your failure.

31) Increase your ego, don’t kill your ego

Ego death is complete death of the spirit and soul. Look at the great company the word ego is in.

Ego - 33 Ways to Be a Man

Ego is another way to say: soul, spirit, mind, individuality, vital force, breath of life.

They say you should kill your ego but let’s replace ego with similar words. You tell me if this is a good idea:

“Kill your spirit, kill your individuality, kill your intelligence, kill your spiritual being, kill your ardor, kill your breath of life, kill your courage.”

Sound good? Heck no it doesn’t!

Killing your ego is a bad idea. To become immortal you need a very big ego…

32) Make yourself immortal by leaving work that will live on after you’re gone

What do we know of the past? Whatever words in books tell us of the past. We only know of people who were written about.

Professional writers are the creators and preservers of history.

Writers hold all of the power and you can write your own history in real time.

It is not necessary to wait until you die to write your story, you can create yourself exactly as you wish to be and you can start right now.

You can go from nobody to somebody, from fiction to reality, in the blink of an eye.

Just follow the strategy…

33) Always be Bold and Determined

The entire strategy of success, from nothing to something, nobody to somebody, is laid out for you in the archives of Bold & Determined.

The best of those archives are found in these 3 volumes.

Bold and determined vol 3 - 33 Ways to Be a Man

To make the greatest version of yourself become a reality, follow the plan laid out carefully for you in Bold & Determined Volumes 1-3.

If you do not follow the plan then, so sorry, it was not your fate to be great.

“In the end it must be as it is and always has been: great things remain for the great” -Nietzche

But don’t forget what I said…

“Great things are there for you to take.” -Victor Pride

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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