8 Reasons You Should Start a New Blog in 2018

REASONS TO START A BLOG 1 - 8 Reasons You Should Start a New Blog in 2018

I was eating lunch at the busiest hamburger restaurant on the island and I was having a chat with the owner of the restaurant.

He’s an American running a restaurant in a foreign country. I don’t plan to start a restaurant business in a foreign land, but I do love learning about all businesses in the world and I never pass up an opportunity to speak to another entrepreneur.

After I asked him several questions about the restaurant business, he became very interested to know more about the blog business. He asked how I got in the business so I gave him a very quick rundown about how and why I started a blog.

I wanted to travel the world and make money while doing it. I didn’t want to be tied down to any geographical area, I wanted money to come in to my bank no matter where I was in the world. Eventually I accomplished it, but not without work.

When I started I had nothing more than one piece of knowledge: You can make money from a blog. I didn’t know HOW and I didn’t really care how. I knew it was possible and that was all I needed to know to get started. Eventually I learned exactly how to make money from a blog and my income skyrocketed.

The owner of the burger restaurant became very curious and asked me how I learned to make money from a blog. He said “so you just read a bunch of articles about it?” and I said…

“No, I only ever read two articles about how to make money from a blog. Once you know how, you know how. Any extra reading is just wasting time.

I could read a thousand books about running a restaurant but compared to a man who actually runs a restaurant I wouldn’t know anything. The real knowledge comes from experience and that is the only place it ever comes.

The more you read, the less you are ever going to accomplish. Once you understand that a) it can be done and b) exactly how it is done then it is time to stop reading and start doing.

I read those 2 outstanding articles, I learned how blogs actually make money, and then I got after it and made it happen.”

In the process of building B&D, I learned the truth about why some blogs succeed and some fail. A blog is more than just a “blog”. A good blog is expression of your soul. A book can be just a book or it can be so much more. The same is true for blogs.

If you think about it as more than just a blog you begin to see the great possibilities that a blog can provide for you. A regular blog is nothing, it is lifeless, just a thing existing on the internet in black and white.

But when you think of a blog as more, you can give it true life, you can give it full color. You can give it life and in return, it can give you new life.

1) A blog can give you a rebirth

A blog is not about writing or anything like that, a blog is about transformation of your soul. To strive to achieve a soul of gold for all to see.

A blog will let you transform.

Yes, a blog is not a lifeless piece of media, it is a representation of your soul. This is why so many fail as bloggers because they simply fail as humans.

Building a blog will teach you how to build anything. It’s about planting seeds.

In all of human history, we have been chasing one goal: transformation. We all want to be something better, something more. Only a few of us achieve it.

It is the greatest goal of all humans to achieve transformation. Some people call this enlightenment, sainthood and many other names but they all mean the exact same thing: going from something to nothing, from fiction to reality.

It is about transformation of your human soul to a divine soul and a blog can help you to achieve this transformation.

2) A blog will help you to become immortal

Immortality is real but not in the way you might think: Your body isn’t going to live forever, but what you leave behind can live forever.

Everything we know of the past we know because it was written down. You see, it is words that will live forever after you are gone. People can read your words a thousand years after you have passed and in their minds you will be alive.

Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu, Shakespeare, Nietzche, Dante, Jesus and many others will never die precisely because we have words by them or about them that we can read at any time. Their bodies are dead but their ideas are immortal.

With a blog, you can make your ideas immortal.

3) A blog will let you meet like minded friends

In our average daily life it can be very hard to meet people who share the same views and goals. Many people can go all of their life without actually meeting like-minded friends.

With the great power of the blog you can transmit your ideas to the entire world and everybody who shares the same views as you or is inspired by you can reach out to you.

I can go to any country in the world and a B&D reader will reach out to me and offer assistance or companionship. Any country in the world. South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea.

I have friends and followers in every country of the world and it is precisely because I spread my ideas for free on this very blog.

The people who resonate with my ideas can find me, no longer are they forced to simply interact with people on their block or in their city, the whole world opens up to you when you open up to the whole world. The blog is how you open up to the whole world.

4) A blog opens your mind and makes you wiser

You will have to start paying more attention to people and circumstance to have something to write about. It is precisely this attention you pay that makes you wiser than other people.

Where they do not even bother to look, you will notice many things that will make so much more observant and intelligent than you used to be.

5) A blog can give you the freedom you desire

I have news for you: most people in the world don’t want freedom. They are happy enough to be slaves to their jobs.

Only 2 people out of every 100 have a burning need for freedom and for those people the blog is the greatest adventure to get them their freedom. I can only assume that you are one of those 2 out of every 98 people who actually burn for freedom.

With a professional blog, you can have the freedom to live life at your own pace.

Whether you like to work fast or slow, it’s up to you. Some people hate being held up by slow people and some people don’t like to go so fast.

I’ve been both. I used to do everything at super-sonic speed, slow people were the biggest annoyance in my life. I keep a slightly slower pace today because I’m not concerned with getting posts out, I am more concerned with doing the absolute best job I can do and I don’t care how long it takes.

6) A blog can make your dreams become a reality

The choice you have as a professional blog artist is that you can do anything you wish. You can travel the world or stay in your home.

Many people love to release the cares they once had and go travel the world. Other people just want the time to do nothing, like Peter from Office Space.

With a blog as a business, this choice is yours to make.

I have made both of these choices. Sometimes I love to go travel the world with a suitcase and no other possessions, sometimes I just like to be a hermit and do nothing but stay in a mountain town a thousand miles from nowhere, sometimes I love to live downtown in the middle of the big city.

What is something you have always wanted to do but thought it would be impossible?

Want to climb Mt. Everest? Bungee jump in Borneo? Go to Carnival in Rio De Janeiro? See the ruins of Angkor Wat? Visit the Taj Mahal? Publish a book? Meet famous people to interview? Play poker in Monaco?

Now what is stopping you from doing these things? My guess: time and money. It’s easy to guess, dreams always require the same two things: free time and money.

Blogs can give you both.

Time and money become a slave to you rather than you being a slave to time and money.

When you have a source of daily income you are free to do all of the things you always wanted to do but never had the time or money to do.

7) You can make daily income from a blog

I could spend all of my money in my bank accounts today and I would be fine tomorrow. Do you know why? Because with a blog I make money every single day.

Yes, every single day money comes in. I do not have to worry about money, even if I go broke today, tomorrow I will be fine.

This is the power of the blog: daily income. Every single time I make a book sale I get the money immediately.

I not only get paid every day, I get paid about 50 times a day. Imagine getting paid 50 times per day. Imagine the worries and stress that will go away when you have money coming in even when you’re sleeping.

Forget about trying to budget your bi-weekly paychecks, get paid every day and eliminate the worry of money.

I have not worried about paying bills in years, I know the money will be there. (This didn’t happen overnight, it happened from me planting seeds of success years ago and reaping those seeds today.)

8) A good blog can make you a LOT of money

Not only can a blog give you daily income, a great blog can make you a fortune.

With a blog you write your own paycheck.

I never dreamed in a million years I would make a million dollars just from a blog, but I did.

And let me tell you something, a million dollars is nothing. When your blog is fully in harmony with your soul, a real tidal wave of money comes rushing in.

Imagine making fifty thousand dollars per month. What kind of freedom would that buy you? How great would you feel never worrying about bills again?

Would it be worth two or three years of hard work to eventually be able to make 50k or more per month?

The way that a blog makes money is very simple. For a very simple description please read The No Bullshit Guide to Making Money Online. That article will show you in very simple terms the exact way a blog makes money.

In this section, I would like to describe the type of person that makes money from a blog.

There is only one type of person who can make money from a blog: anyone who actually wants to do the work.

Anybody who is willing to do the work can make money from a blog.

I’m sorry to say but 98 out of every 100 will make nothing because all they deserve to make is nothing.

Your blog will pay you in direct relation to the quality of work you do.

People who actually want it will put in the work to get it. It is the great work that makes you money, nothing else. Love of money will not build a great blog for you.

People with a love of money and no great love for work will only ever make money by tricking people. These people are easy to spot: their content is weak.

The way to make money with a clean conscience is to create great content.

If you build a blog with the sole goal of making money you will fail in the long-run.

If you build a blog with the goals I have outlined above, you have a great chance of success. With success of these goals which are higher than money, you will be rewarded by money.

Money is the reward of a job well done, money should not the end goal. Doing your job well should be your #1 goal.

I would prefer to never make a penny than to compromise and put out bad content. If I had to choose between making 20 million dollars per year writing a bad blog or doing B&D for free, I would choose to do B&D for free.

Do your work for something more than money, and do it well, and you will be rewarded.

Here are 3 common fears that many people have about starting a blog as a business…

“It takes too long to make money from a blog.”

A year is a year.

You can spend a year working or you can spend a year doing nothing.

The person who works will make money eventually, the person who complains about time will never make a dime.

To make money from a blog, impatience has to go away.

“But there’s so much competition.”

There really is not any competition. I can think of fewer than 10 great blogs (if I’m being honest I can barely think of 3).

So many people start blogs and then quit nearly immediately. These people are not competition. So many people start blogs but they give their blogs no life and no color.

How does somebody who does no great work at all be in competition with you? If you do great work then they cannot be in competition with you. That would be like a major league baseball player being in competition with a 4 year old little league player.

The competition isn’t real competition, we just pretend it is for fun.

“I still don’t understand how blogs make money.”

You will never understand anything until you actually start working on it. You will never understand how blogging actually makes money until you start doing the work for yourself.

How can you expect to know something before you’ve done it? You won’t understand how wall street traders actually make money until you start trading yourself. You won’t understand how blacksmithing works until you go to work for a blacksmith and actually do the work.

If you understood how to do something before doing it then universities would not exist. You could just say “I don’t need to go to medical school, I already know exactly how to be a doctor of medicine.”

Experience teaches you, words do not.

To learn how to make money from a blog there is only one true way: start a blog, do great work, on the way you will learn to get paid.

Along the way, you will learn many other lessons including this: Building a blog has nothing to do with blogging and everything to do with your own transformation.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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