Hello, my name is Ross and welcome to the site. A little about me. I have been an avid student of personal development for many years. Although not a professional in the field but your average layman, I have studied and learned much and applied what I have learned to bring many great changes in my life. So I bring my passion and experience to these pages and hope that you find something of interest and value to you. Also, there are some products that are on the site and they are good and legit and worth looking into. As I am an affiliate and I promote these products that I make a little monetary compensation. I want to thank you for your visit and have a great day!

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Mission: To bring awareness that life is about choices and decisions and that the building of strong character and focused living will improve our lives and for those around us.

Vision: By the gaining of knowledge and application of this knowledge we better ourselves and the world around us.

Core Values: Integrity, honesty, open mindedness, doing your best in all things, being trustworthy and faithful.