BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas)

Your brain is like a circuit switch Once you believe you are something You actually embody it, you embody that feeling If you were God forbid in a coma And you woke up and you didn’t really have a memory And you were told that you used to be a Navy Seal And they want you back now when you’re healthy Do you think you’d act differently And hold yourself differently And conduct yourself different And have a different self concept of who you are Than if you were told that you were a piano instructor Being succesful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are Truly believing that you were something unique That you were something special in that field If you truly believe inside of you that you are one of the best actors in the world You will be entirely different than if you’re like ‘I hope I’m good’ Your expressions will be totally different Your tone of voice You’ll talk in a more convincing fashion You’ll use your natural voice instead of a scripted one You’ll be more emphatic You’ll be more real, more relatable Our brain is like a circuit And so if we introduce it with the proper wire You’re gonna go straight to your target If you’re unsure about who you are Then, your dreams, your goals, they will never become a reality Everyone has mental doubts in life, internal conflicts Even the most succesful people that you look up to But they don’t live their It’s how you handle those negative thoughts in that exact moment And overwhelm them with positive action And that comes with this up most confidence in yourself That you can handle this situation Trust in yourself that you are better than the moment The Greats think differently The Greats see differently, right The great have a different worldview The great, they approach the game in a totally different way So I need you to do me a huge favor I need you to think about what you’re thinking about when your effort is low Because if you can get this, if you can get this, you can get any succes you want in life You can have anything you want in life if you can get this The next time you give a low effort, right You give a 70 percent or 50 percent or 30 percent I want you to think about what you’re thinking about when you’re effort is low If your effort is low, you’re probably not thinking about the opportunity You’re probably thinking about the obligation And when you think about ET (Eric Thomas) how you do you stay pumped up? ET how do you stay on fire? ET how are you always driven? Even in de missed out trials and tribulations Even in the …

Your haters When people are trying to break you and tear you down ET how do you stay strong? I keep thinking about the opportunities Every single day I’m thinking about the opportunities and I’m not looking at this thing as an obligation I’m not looking at this thing as something that I have to do Or that I’m forced to do, right Or something that somebody’s making me do Every time I wake up I’m thinking: “I’m alive, baby, this is the day!” This is an opportunity If you want what you’ve never had before If you wanna do what you’ve never done before If you wanna be what you’ve never been before Change your mentality! And I want you to see that effort goes up when you look at it as: “I got the opportunity of a lifetime!” But you should be excited about the fact that you have an opportunity

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