How to Be the Light

How to be the LightThe other night I realized that I have an addiction to sugar. I always thought sugar addiction was fake but it must be real and I’ll tell you why.

This night I was in a bit of a foul mood, not feeling super great, and around 9pm we went to the local cafe to grab a mixed berry yogurt smoothie and I instantly felt better when I started drinking it. As I was drinking it, and my sour mood was vanishing, the very fact occurred to me that “I am clearly addicted to this sugar.”

Now I know what you’re thinking “But Victor, maybe the cool drink just made you feel better because it gave you some calories” but that cannot be true because I had eaten well that day. I’d had 4 meals of fish/rice/vegetables and some other combos. I’d even enjoyed steak at one of my meals and all of the meals were eaten to fullness. I was not in need of calories, but I craved the sugar wildly, evidenced by my sour mood without it.

Addictions make you feel sour until you get your fix and can be lifted up again. It doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to, they all act the exact same way. Addiction only happens with products that you don’t actually need. You cannot be addicted to water you can just be thirsty. But sugar (and things like alcohol and tobacco etc) does nothing positive for you. These products do nothing but create the problems that they then “fix”.

The only thing sugar will do for you is put fat on your belly. Why would you NEED something that does not produce positive benefits for you? You don’t. I don’t need sugar but I sure felt like I needed sugar this night and that’s when I realized it is a full-on addiction (and I barely even consume sugar. It is certainly a very strong substance).

When I stay away from sugar I don’t require it but when I go 2, 3 or 4 days consuming sugar soon I will “need” and crave it every day. Just like when they start to smoke their bongs, watch their porn, drink their alcohol or smoke their cigarettes. They don’t need it and when it’s gone they are so much better, but when they do it once or twice soon they start needing to do it every day.

It’s best just to stay away and remember that the “pleasure” you get from it is directly caused by the misery it also causes. You don’t need the stuff but once you’re hooked on it you’re body will start to make you feel like heck until you get your fix.

The only thing you can do to stop feeling like heck is to realize the truth: the product you think you need creates the desire by also creating the sour mood you feel without it. It “fixes” the exact problems it creates. That is why they call satisfying your addiction “getting a fix”. When I became aware of this, I was able to break my sugar addiction in an instant.

Addiction of any kind is very easy to break. It takes simple awareness of why you are craving the product. When you understand why, it is very easy to just say no. It is just like flipping on a light switch and seeing the problem clearly for the first time. See the light, know the truth, and you will not need the fix anymore.

Speaking of needing a fix, I have been voraciously reading old books. For the last 12-18 months, I have spent a considerable amount of time reading very old books. I have realized that many old books speak of the same things we speak of today just in a different way, though the very old books can be seemingly hard to find.

It can really seem like there are precious few ancient books available to us. They say the burning of the library at Alexandria, a library which held 500,000 volumes of ancient knowledge, was a huge blow to the knowledge of the world. It can feel like we have almost no information about our past and why we’re here. But…

We don’t need to read 500,000 books to learn the truth of the world. The truth can be found in one book in one paragraph in one sentence (I can tell you the truth in only 3 words). That’s all it takes for us to learn because learning is actually just confirming what we already know inside.

The knowledge we have inside of us is called gnosis and of the few ancient treasures we have available to us to read are often known as gnostic works. You may not have heard of agnostic but you have probably heard of the opposite which is an agnostic. An agnostic is a person who believes nothing can be known, agnostic is a person whose knowledge comes from within through revelation.

Speaking of gnostics, have you ever read this fellow William Walker Atkinson? He’s a fascinating case. He’s a guy who was a lawyer back in the late 1800s and then decided to delve into the world of the mystical and he wrote over 100 books before he died. He’d had a mental breakdown due to the stress of his work as a lawyer and he credited finding what was called the “New Thought” movement for completely invigorating his spirit and turning him into a productivity machine.

The New Thought movement was basically the beginning of the self-help movement. The New Thought movement’s principle belief was simple: BELIEF CREATES REALITY. Later on, a book called Think and Grow Rich emerged from this New Thought movement and became a huge hit and turned on the light for me personally.

People so often want to make success sound so hard and cry about hard work but the reality is if you are in the dark it only takes a light switch being turned on go be able to see. Work as hard as you want, if the light is off nothing will happen.

If the light is on, everything will happen even if you seemingly do nothing. When the light-switch is on, everything is visible. Nothing hides from you in the light, only in the dark.

You could call the philosophy of the New Thought movement “new” but that wouldn’t really be true. See, there is but one truth in the world and it has been known for 10,000 years or more.

Through much of history, knowledge has been in the hands of only a privileged few. It has been hidden from the common man but with the advent of the printing press and freedom of speech, the truth of our world can come out, often in the form of seemingly “woo-woo” self-help books.

Remember the main premise of the New Thought movement? It is that thought creates reality. Is this a radical new theory? Not really. If you look deep into the history of spirituality, religion, alchemy and mysticism you find but one truth: BELIEF CREATES REALITY.

If you study your scriptures you will find that a fellow named Jesus taught the same reality, but his teachings are hidden deep in allegory. If you read your holy bible you’ll know that the most important principle is to have complete faith (i.e. belief). Hidden in the parables and allegories of the New Testament is this fundamental truth: FAITH CREATES REALITY.

To not believe, to not have faith, is the biggest sin (please understand that a sin is not a crime against humanity but a true crime against yourself. You’ll not be punished for your sins, you’ll be punished by your sins. In other religions it is called karma).

You know the old self-help cliche? If you can believe it you can achieve it! This is a cliche for a reason, it is true. It is the basis for all religions the world has ever known. Heaven and hell are real but they exist in your mind, they are not in some faraway place.

Believe in greatness, the light as they call it, and you will live in heaven and you will achieve perfection. Do not believe in the light and you will live in hell. Belief is the basis of all religion because belief is the basis of our world. That’s why they call it FAITH.

It really has nothing to do with religion, Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion as religions often hide the truth, or they don’t even know in the first place, or they pervert the teachings of truth for their own worldly gain. Many religions of the world are maintained by perverted souls who want you to worship them. Don’t you find it a little strange that they want you to get on your knees in front of them?

Be awed by the light, friend, but do not get on your knees for man because it is very pathetic. You are the source of your own light, no one else, there is no such place as heaven or hell but inside your own mind. If they tell you anything other than this they have perverted the truth to scare you into coming to their church and giving them money and power.

You cannot buy salvation any more than you can buy sunlight. It is there already and it is free. The truth of the matter is that you have a divine light in you, because there is a divine light in every organism on this earth. The light in plants is called chlorophyll, the light in man is called soul. Whether or not you use the light to see, well, that is a matter of self-help.

The first self-help book came out in 1859 (by Samuel Smiles, it was titled simply Self Help) but self-help has existed for millennia in the form of the scriptures and other writings from teachers like Hermes Trismegistus and other people that existed many years before Jesus and the Buddha. I have something to share with you about Jesus and the Buddha but I want to talk a little about self-help first.

A lot of people like to poo-poo on self-help but have you ever noticed the people who poo-poo on self-help are always quite nasty? They have a real nasty attitude and demeanor. Of course self-help doesn’t work for them because nasty attitudes will never allow anything other than darkness. In religious fanaticism, these kinds of nasty people are called demons.

Self-help works, this is a guarantee. There is only one person in this world who will help you and that person is staring at you in the mirror. The one thing you do have to have is the knowledge of HOW to help yourself. But where do you get this knowledge?

Before I read Think and Grow Rich I lived in the dark. I wanted out, I wanted to create greatness, I wanted to see more, believe more and achieve more but I had absolutely no idea how. I was stuck in a rut working these dirty jobs with animals in human skin but I had no idea what to do.

Not until I read Think and Grow Rich and realized the power of the entire world is in my own mind. You have the power to change, you have the power to create and all it takes to do it is a steadfast BELIEF that you will.

I always believed Bold & Determined was a product of destiny. I never advertised, I never looked for readers, I never did anything other than work for perfection because I believed fully that the work was the good work of the light. And this belief I had became true in a big way. I made a huge amount of money. I don’t want to brag about it as I never worked for money in my life, but the money was a manifestation of doing the good work of perfection.

For years all I wanted was the perfect words in the perfect order and for one goal only – to show you the light that I had found. I was there in the dark before, I was a ghost, I was living life in black and white instead of living life in Full Color. I knew there was light in my soul but I didn’t know how to let it out and now I do know how.

This is why I do the work I do, to show you the way to your light-switch. I am here to bring the light, I don’t care about fame or status, my purpose on this earth is to show you the light of belief. I don’t care what work you do, you can be a gardener, a painter, a barber or a barista, it doesn’t matter. It only matters that it is your calling and that you believe in what you do and that you seek perfection in it.

If you don’t seek perfection you don’t get perfection and remember friends, in this world you always get what you seek. Too many of us seek destruction and bad karma and we get it.

Speaking of bad karma, the other day someone asked me why I admire Donald Trump. I had to ignore the question as it was too silly for me to answer. I don’t admire anybody. I learn from all people but I don’t admire anybody living, if I do admire people it is the people who have stood the test of time, the real test of time – eternity.

If you want to know why I admire someone, ask me why I admire someone like Christ or Buddha and I’ll tell you. It is because they are some of the greatest teachers the world has ever seen. Forget about the religions and frauds committed in their name, their teachings are pure.

They are the true original source teachings of self-help and they were some of the best to ever spread the message of belief and faith. Buddha said What you think, you become. In the Book of Proverbs, it is said For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Speaking of Jesus and the Buddha…

Jesus Christ is the most powerful name in the entire world but his name was not actually Jesus Christ. His first name was Yeshua and Christ is not a surname but a title for the enlightened one, the light bringer (he was the son of God surely but there is a twist I will share with you later). The same for the Buddha. Buddha was not his name, Gautama was his name. Buddha is a title that means enlightened. He was Gautama the enlightened one. I still don’t admire them, though I do learn from them. These two enlightened fellows teach you to believe and not to hide from the light in you.

Belief will not only save you, belief will create you. I’ve said it a thousand times, you create yourself as you wish to be, but you must do it. Nobody will create yourself for you. The light of another can show you the path but you will have to turn on your own light to truly be able to see this simple reality: belief is the light of life, so just believe and then achieve.

Belief is the real world my friendly friends and if you believe in a great world you will live in a great world and if you believe in a bad world you will live in a bad world.

Heaven and hell are in the mind. They always were and you always knew it, you just didn’t have the knowledge to put the pieces together.

Thanks to some of the great teachers of the ages and a little help from Uncle Victor you can go out into this world and you can be the light of this life.

Pretty please, for all the work I’ve done for you and would have done for free, do these 3 favors for me….

When you see and believe this knowledge, your life will change in an instant. The light-switch is there, you just have to find your way to it in the darkness.

When you find the light-switch and turn it on *poof* the metamorphosis happens in an instant. From dark to light in the blink of an eye.

That is the power of the light my friendly friends. It will show you everything you ever wanted to see and that is my great guarantee.

In the light, the knowledge cannot be hidden from you. They’ll freely tell you that Jesus was the son of God, and this much is true. But what they do not tell you is this: so are you.

You don’t need to get on your knees and bow to a priest to find the light. The light of God is in your soul, friend, but more than that the light of God is your soul.

If you just turn it on it will shine bright right through your eyes. Go to your mirror right now to check and see.

They say seeing is believing so just turn it on to see, man.

Turn on the light and you will see.

“Thou will see the light of God staring back at thee.” -Victor 3:16

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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