Merry Christmas

b and d christmas - Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas my friendly friend.

Ol’ St. Vic is here to bring you a jolly gift again this year.


Ol’ St. Vic is not some fat fellow sneaking down your chimney to eat all your cookies and drink all your milk and then leave you an electric beard-trimmer wrapped up in shiny wrapping-paper.

Ol’ St. Vic is a lean and mean son of a bitch so you had better put away the cookies and milk and leave out a 12 oz medium-rare steak and 3 scrambled eggs seasoned with a pinch of sea salt and black pepper.

When I’m done with my snack I am going to give you the greatest gift of all: PRIDE OF SELF.

Here is how to claim your free gift of pride (3 simple steps):

1) Think long and hard about what you actually want this year.

Do not just open your mouth and spit out some random goals, I want you to give this some true thought: What do you actually want?

Ask yourself and give yourself enough time to answer. Don’t discuss with anybody, don’t ask anybody for advice, don’t ask mommy and daddy “what do you think I should do?”.

Ask yourself and answer yourself.

Eliminate the confusion from your mind because the confusion is not real. You know exactly what you want, don’t pretend that you do not.


After you have figured out exactly what you want, you will do this…

2) Do not tell anybody what your goal is.

Your goal is for your eyes and ears only. Telling somebody your goal gives you an unearned sense of accomplishment.


Words are magic, if you tell somebody your goals your mind will trick your body into thinking you already accomplished it.

By running your mouth, you get the feeling of accomplishment without accomplishing anything. That is why you keep your goals secret.

If you want to achieve it, you keep it secret.

You are allowed to run your mouth AFTER you have achieved your goals but never before.

After you have pondered the question “What do I actually want?” and when you have learned to keep this secret to yourself, this is what you do…

3) Do one thing every single day that gets you closer to your goal.

This is not optional, it is mandatory. To develop pride of self requires you to do the work. Old Man Christmas cannot do this work for you.

Do one thing every single day that gets you closer to your goal. Do this for the next 365 days. At the end of 365 days it will be time to look in the mirror.

What you will see in the mirror, perhaps for the first time, is your soul radiating from your skin.

Some people call this an aura. I call this golden aura radiating from your skin something else.

I call it…


Pride of self is evident for everyone in the world to see, even you can see it in the mirror.

In 365 days from today you will get a vision from the ghost of Christmas past, you will run to the mirror to check, and you will confirm that your soul glows.

You will think this to yourself:

“Wow! All it takes to make a soul glow is a mind free of confusion, a mouth kept shut, and action taken every single day. Now I have an aura exuding the prettiest color in the rainbow!”

My friendly friend of Christmas, this is how you achieve your transformation this year.

Give yourself a Christmas gift and follow these 3 steps. After you do, you will have an aura exuding the prettiest color of the rainbow…


Merry Christmas.

-Ol’ St. Vic, The Proud Profit of Christmas

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