The Truth on Subliminals and the Law of Attraction (How to REALLY Use Them)

This video will show you the truth on subliminals and I’m going to share with you my personal experience and how you can really make them work. Welcome back to the video. My name is Aaron and I hope people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing my experience with subliminals. I’m going to be showing you ways that you can make them actually work so that you attract what you want. And I want to first off say this is a video that I even asked probably for the last five months now. I get asked quite often if I make a video on subliminals now I think the power of subliminals. Is that a lot of people want a quick solution to being able to attract what they want and what I want to encourage you to know first off is that I’m not the biggest fan of subliminals. I think they can work. I’m not saying they don’t work.

I’m saying that it depends upon the person. But when it comes to this understanding subliminals I think even more powerful than subliminals is getting to the core of our beliefs changing our beliefs and then getting a new reflection in our life. But subliminals are very appealing because it seems like a quick fix. Now the truth is we are always being primed. We are being primed by advertising companies we’re being primed by the movies we’re watching we’re be primed by the people we’re talking to our environment. Always it’s always happening now. Subliminals are a way to consciously put that kind of priming into our daily life and you can listen to subliminals whether it’s audio tapes and it’s some type of like dual induction affirmations. You can listen to it when you watch insert imagery and it has certain meaning and it has certain symbols inside of it and it can work. So I’m not knocking it in any sense.

I’m simply saying that the other part of this is our beliefs about if it works because if we believe it works then we may get a positive effect out of it. If we believe it doesn’t work then it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it’s in the beliefs that the power really exists. Now what this means is that we can decide and just simply choose to be how we prefer and if we put the power there we will get the effect out of it but we use subliminals or other tools as a symbol that says I am here I want to be here and if I do this action I will get there. Now in general there are many actions you can do that can reprogram your subconscious mind. There are many daily habits that you can do that will reprogram your subconscious mind and it subliminals is one of those. But what I want to encourage you to do is to not look for the in a way this could be like to kind of get rich quick type thing. You know it could be just the quick fix the seven minute abs you see what I mean and I’m not knocking it.

Like I said but what I am saying is I encourage you to go deeper to get to the core of your beliefs and understand that the power exists within you. Now it depends upon our belief system. If we have a belief system that looks and we’re looking at subliminals and we see people get Mazan the results with it and we see all of these results and then we decide to do it we may get similar results because our beliefs are honoring the expectation that we have. So this video goes deep I also did a video a while back on the power of and why the truth of is that we give it meaning. And because we give it meaning we then start to see more patterns of it and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way is a similar type thing.

Now the best most powerful thing that we can do is to make a choice as to how we prefer to be a new self image for ourselves and they consistently to wire that in with our behaviors and subliminals can be a powerful part of that. Now my own personal experience with subliminals is that I’ve done them before. I’ve listened to meditations before that has them inside it. I watched meditation videos and seen them as well inside of that and I can say that I felt a difference but it wasn’t a grand difference to what I felt like I was transformed in order to feel some type of transformation.

You have to get to the core of who you are. You have to get your to your self image. You have to understand that you are constantly getting an aura of flexion of what you believe to be true. And let me tell you why this is so much more powerful than that the power of subliminals this idea that I’m sharing with you because if you really let it sink in this can be an epiphany because you realize that there is a self-fulfilling prophecy there is a reflection you’re getting from any belief that you buy into. And the best part about it is you can change it. You can decide to believe what you want to think the way that you want and you will get that reflection. So the main power of this video is i want to encourage you that you decide what works for you. We can use these things as powerful tools in order to transform our life.

It can still work. It can still be a powerful tool but I encourage you to go deeper than just the surface level of these things. And if you use it’s the tips I have is to use it with audio. Make sure you wear headphones because it seems like headphones have more of an impact when there’s no external noise distractions so you list it with headphones and it has certain subliminal inside of it make sure it’s a reputable source so that maybe you’re not getting it from someone who has bad intentions is putting other things inside of it. Consistency is important.

If you’re using them so maybe you didn’t use it more than just once a week or you know once a month make sure you’re doing it maybe daily. When it comes to imagery just make sure that. Yeah once again this is a reputable credible source that has a good reputation because you want to make sure that you’re actually being influenced in a positive way. Now with all that being said I believe that there is power in it that it is a powerful tool that we can use and that the True Power exists within you within your definitions your beliefs about what it was about whether it works or not. There’s you know the placebo effect is so powerful it works such a high consistency of the time and that comes from within.

That’s our own belief and as we change that belief we get a new reflection. So make your choice that you are going to be the way that you prefer as you start to embody more and more of that you will start to get that kind of experience that you want and what I’ll do is link a couple of videos at the end of this on the Cargile see and they’re going to be on changing beliefs the most powerful way to go about that and how when you do change your beliefs everything will begin to change in your life actually just caught on film in this video I’ve done the on beliefs before but I just caught them filming this one.

I’ll link it because I think it is really good in it. Easily three steps explains the process to you. So we can go deeper and all we have to do is have that awareness and decide to do it. So with that being said I hope you guys enjoy this video. Feel free to like this video if you like it subscribe if you haven’t already hit that little notification years that you see the daily videos that I do. Also I just put in and created a freebie of all my top five Law of Attraction books that have changed my life. Two of these books are under 50 pages they can be read and literally hours. I encourage you to read them and to see if they also have that impact on you. So other than that I’ll see you guys on the next bit. Peace much love. Nom de..

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