The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

billionaire style guide 16 - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Would you rather LOOK like a billionaire…

Or would you rather BE a billionaire?

Or both?

If you’d prefer both you are in luck because I’m going to show you how to dress for actual billionaire success.

This billionaire style guide will show you how to dress for serious business.

In this guide you will get the 6 rules of billionaire style and you will get specific examples of billionaire clothing styles for all occasions.

Examples of clothing styles included in this guide are: the everyday business look – the black tie business look – the athletic look – the vacation look – and the billionaire’s weekend outfit.

But first, a few notes on billionaire style…


Real billionaires dress down, “fake it ’til you make it” billionaires dress like clowns.

There is a big difference between dressing well and dressing like a clown. That big difference is color.

Business is never done in colorful suits (unless your business is fashion). Business is done in subdued, non attention-seeking color.

In business, you have 3 colors to choose from…

Business is done only in black, grey, and navy.

Your shirt should be white and your tie can be your one piece of colorful clothing.

Remember, the billionaire is subdued in his dress not rude in his dress. Colorful suits are worn only by gaudy entertainers and con men.

The colorful suit acts as a magical trick. It makes the person getting conned think the con man is richer and more important than he actually is.

A colorful business suit is misdirection. If you are too busy paying attention to the colorful suit you won’t be paying attention to the con job you are getting yourself into.

Real businessmen practice a “less is more” approach to business style.

As a billionaire, you have to make yourself appear to be LESS not more.

The joker in the colorful suit has to make himself appear as more.

If you have to make yourself stand out it is because you are lacking, the real billionaire tries to make himself look normal.

I never do business with a fool who comes to a meeting in a colorful suit.

Colorful business suit = fake businessman

In fact, real billionaires don’t always need to dress up.

A simple combination of white or black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans does a lot more talking than a colorful suit does.

The t-shirt and jeans combination is something only the confident can wear to a business meeting.

The most trustworthy business clothes are often your basic jeans and t-shirt.

The con men would never dream of dressing down, and that’s how you know the true from the fake.

Did you ever see Zuckerberg or Jobs wearing a fancy suit? No.

However, you do have to pay attention to public perception. If you are going to be in the public eye, it is better to wear a suit and tie.

When dealing with bankers, public officials, and bureaucrats it is always best to wear a suit.

If you are going to be in private, you can assess the situation and dress casual if the situation calls for it.

If you’re doing business one on one, with a small company or a private person you may possibly want to dress casual, assuming the casual clothing is spotlessly clean and well fitting.

No matter what you wear, you always have to look and dress your best for the occasion.

To dress sloppily is to signal that you do not care about business and that you are not “on the ball”.

You have to look good to attract good business into your life.

Like I said here: The ability to attract is a power on par with brute strength.

To venture outdoors not looking your best is is to invite misfortune into your life.

Dressing well is fundamental to your dignity, self-possession, and propriety.


You do need to always dress your best but that does not mean you need to constantly purchase clothing or constantly stay on top of branding trends.

The billionaire is the one who creates the brand, not the one who rushes out to buy the brand.

The billionaire gets others to wear and advertise his brand, the fool rushes out to wear the brand and give it free advertising.

The billionaire is there to take money, not to throw money away on fashionable brands.

Billionaires do not mind wearing the exact same suit over and over and over again.

Buy a few suits that fit well, are comfortable enough, are dim enough to wear multiple times and that is all you need.

A new suit everyday is for a Johnny Playboy (or a serious fashion aficionado), not for anyone who does serious business.

How much should you spend on a suit?

Billionaires do not become billionaires by being spendthrifts, they become billionaires by being a little stingy.


You do want clothing that was made without cost cutting measures.

You should spend enough to ensure quality without simply paying for prestige or exclusivity.

Think of your clothing as a long-term investment and do not waste money purchasing throw away items.

What brands should you wear?

Personally, I wear what I like and what fits well.

I don’t pay much attention to brands and I make it a point to never let any branding show on my clothing.

My only rule on brands is: Wear any brand that looks good, fits well and is comfortable.

But I know that is not a good enough answer for you. You are here to learn how to do serious business and for that you want a serious answer.

To give you examples of the best brands and styles, I called upon my good friend Nate Lewis who runs Iron & Tweed.

Iron & Tweed is the go-to site for men who like to lift weights, eat steaks, and look good while doing it.

I asked Nate to share his businessman style tips with you and I asked him to show you some specific examples of a good business style look.

Here’s what Nate has to say about dressing your best for serious business success.


Hi. Nate is my name, style is my game.

Victor asked me to help present you some style tips for future billionaires.

I am delighted to help you dress your best for business success.

Before I show you some style examples, I’d like to show you my 6 billionaire style rules.

billionaire style guide intro - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Pictured: Nate Lewis from Iron & Tweed

1) Don’t be too flashy

I’m reminded of a quote from one of my favorite books, Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder.

Arnold Schwarzenegger used an analogy about sports cars when talking about his own insecurities as an up and coming bodybuilder.

Loosely summarized, he says:

A guy driving a BMW, which is a good car, always races around trying to prove he’s fast. But a guy driving a Ferrari, which is a great car, can drive the speed limit because he knows he’s fast.”

When you’re a billionaire, you don’t have anything to prove with loud colors, patterns, and logos.

Details like trouser break, soft tailoring, elegantly draping fabric, and perfectly combined colors and textures don’t jump out at you individually, but the sum of the parts are impossible to ignore.

No one should be able to tell which brands you’re wearing.

Let your good taste in quality pieces and expertly curated wardrobe speak for themselves.

2) Develop a personal uniform

When money is no object, your choices for clothing are endless.

While this seems like a good thing, having the world to choose from can actually make acquiring clothing and personal style more difficult.

In order to avoid decision fatigue, successful people don’t waste time and energy figuring out what to wear.

They rely on a proven system of dressing, known as a personal uniform, that works for them every time.

Each tie goes with each shirt and all combinations look great with each suit they own.

I recommend that you spend some time thinking about not only what you like, but what feels like you.

Once you have this figured out, experiment with a few different pieces to see how they work in your everyday life.

When you find a winning combination, flesh out your wardrobe with similar items.

3) Always be appropriately dressed

When you’re a billionaire, or on your way, people are watching you and your image matters.

Whatever your business, you should always be ready to meet with clients and represent your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym, running to the store, or sitting on a plane – dress your best every single day.

I don’t mean that you have to wear a suit for every situation, but rather dressing for the situation at a level or two above the average person.

For example, your gym clothes should be clean, well fitting, and of high quality (skip the stained undershirts, baggy basketball shorts, and dingy running shoes).

When you run to the store or the neighborhood bar, wear high quality denim, leather dress boots, and a v-neck sweater rather than sneakers and a sports team hoodie.

Being appropriately dressed for up to 16 hours per day means that you need to focus on the fit and quality of each item in your wardrobe.

Which leads to the next rule…

4) Be comfortable

Your style should look effortless, like your were born to wear your suit. If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes, it will be immediately obvious.

Fidgeting, pulling at your collar, and adjusting your pant legs each time you stand up draws the wrong kind of attention.

Just as being appropriately dressed doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dress up, being comfortable doesn’t imply that you have to dress down.

Rather, your clothes should be appropriate for each situation. They should be carefully selected and immediately discarded if they don’t perform their intended purpose.

Pack whatever clothing items you need to change for different activities throughout the day.

This is essential if you tend to have long days consisting of workouts, office time, onsite meetings, dinner and drinks, and travel.

5) Be selective

Just because you may have the means to buy everything that catches your eye doesn’t mean you should.

The more items you own the less they’ll get worn and the more difficult getting dressed in the morning will be. In other words, you’ll simply have more clutter.

Most people are creatures of habit and will tend to wear their favorite clothes regularly, regardless of how many clothing items they own.

It is best to own only your favorite clothes and donate everything else.

However, this rule doesn’t apply to the enthusiast. If you absolutely love timepieces and wear each of your 30 watches regularly, by all means, own 30 watches.

This only becomes a problem if you only wear one or two items in your collection, letting the others occupy space.

You can apply this exception to shoes, glasses, cologne, or whatever else you truly enjoy.

6) Avoid the obvious brands and latest trends

Unless dressing trendy is truly “your thing,” in which case the nuances inherently make sense to you, it’s best to stay classic.

The last thing you want people to think when you walk into a room is “that poor guy has more money than style sense.”

Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s stylish.

When I see guys who wears suits Monday through Friday hanging out on the weekend wearing flashy clothes that were designed for someone 20-30 years younger than them, it’s painful.

I’m talking about ill fitting and ripped t-shirts, curled and pointy toed boots, and studded jeans or whatever else has recently trickled down from runway fashion.

With my 6 Billionaire Style Guide Rules I helped lay the framework for how you should think about clothing.

Now, to help you visualize how it all comes together, here are some specific examples of how I think a billionaire should dress for common occasions.

Billionaire Business Look

billionaire style monday through friday - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Suit: Ermenegildo Zegna – Watch: IWC Schaffhausen – Shoes: John Lobb – Tie: Rubinacci – Shirt: Canali

You don’t get to be a billionaire without doing business deals. And unless you’re already at the top and can rely on your reputation alone, you need to project professionalism.

This means that a suit and tie is going to be your go-to uniform for such occasions.

Everything about a suit is designed to project power and showcase the man wearing it.

The combination of dark suiting material, a light shirt, the v-shaped lapel, and a colorful tie all draw the eye towards the wearers face.

A narrow waist, lightly padded shoulders, and the v-shaped lapel exaggerate a muscular physique.

With suits, it’s best to keep shoes and accessories timeless and subdued. The last thing you want is to have people staring at your feet or wrist while giving a presentation.

Billionaire Black Tie Look

billionaire style guide black tie - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Tuxedo: Hackett – Tie: Hugo Boss – Shoes: Gaziano & Girling – Cufflinks: Burberry – Shirt: Canali – Watch: Junghans Max Bill

Occasionally, it’s necessary for the billionaire and aspiring billionaire to attend formal events.

This is when you pull out all the stops and wear your highest quality items that also happen to be your most understated.

Your tux should all be black with satin lapels and of noticeably high quality.

Your shoes should be a lace up or slip-on design, as minimally styled as possible, and finished with a high shine.

A white shirt with a covered placket hides the buttons that would otherwise be visible beneath a bowtie and the french cuffs should be closed with elegant cufflinks (stay away from novelty cufflinks).

Your watch should have a slim case, elegantly simple face, and a black leather band.

Note from Vic: Of all the outfits Nate has presented, the billionaire black tie look is my favorite. 

Billionaire Athletic Attire

billionaire style guide athletic - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Joggers: Alexander McQueen – T-Shirts: Hugo Boss – Sweatshirt: Mr. P – Sneakers: Common Projects – Smart Watch: Apple Watch Series 3 – Headphones: Beats Studio Wireless

Even when you’re at the gym, I think it’s best to wear high quality items. Opt for pieces that have a vintage athletic wear vibe so you can keep the overall look timeless and practical.

Fitted joggers, plain t-shits, crewneck sweatshirts, and simple sneakers make achieving this look really simple.

Gym time needs to be kept sacred, so the busy businessman might want to think about keeping his phone in the locker and opting for a smart watch to use for music and fitness apps.

Sometimes you just have to ignore calls and texts.

Billionaire Vacation Look

billionaire style guide vacation - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Trousers: Ralph Lauren – Sunglasses: Ray Ban – Belt: Anderson’s – Espadrilles: Castaner – Shirt: Club Monaco

Sure, the main idea behind going on vacation is to relax and have fun, you’ll still need to be ready to make connections or pursue business opportunities.

Even if you’re lounging by the pool or heading to the pier for lunch, make sure you’re dressed a notch above the average tourist.

Linen trousers paired with a short sleeve button down shirt are the perfect blend of casual good looks and heat management.

Espadrilles are one of the most versatile tropical weather shoes because they’re casual enough for the pool but also give you more walking around comfort than flip-flops.

Don’t forget a pair of classic sunglasses to keep the rays out of your eyes.

Billionaire Weekend Outfit

billionaire style guide rugged weekend - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Jeans: Acne – Sweater: Hackett –  Jacket: Schott– Boots: Red Wing – Watch: Weiss

The key to making even a rugged weekend outfit look sharp is to choose pieces in timeless styles and subdued colors.

My number one weekend  staple is a nice pair of selvedge jeans. They pair perfectly with a wool sweater and simple watch.

I like to make the whole outfit more rugged by adding a leather cafe racer jacket and work boots.

You could also swap the work boots for a pair of brown oxfords for a more business casual look.

Your New Mission: Start dressing your best for every occasion every single day.

Use my 6 billionaire style guide rules to help you choose from the clothing items that you already own so you can get started today. When you’re ready to make new purchases let the rules guide your decisions.

When you start acquiring new wardrobe items, feel free to copy my recommendations exactly or, if you have your own preferences,  choose similar items from your favorite brands.

The important thing is that you start dressing for success ASAP.

Always remember your 6 billionaires style guide rules and you will always make a good style choice.

  1. Don’t be too flashy
  2. Develop a personal uniform
  3. Always be appropriately dressed
  4. Be comfortable
  5. Be selective
  6. Avoid the obvious brands and latest trends

I hope you enjoyed my billionaire style examples and I hope you get a lot of value form this guide.

Oh, and here is one more bonus tip: Caring about your appearance will teach you about success.

All the best,


billionaire style guide ft - The Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide

Picture credit: Nate Lewis

Hi boys. Victor here again.

You have just read the Victor Pride Billionaire Style Guide featuring tips and examples from Nate Lewis.

Now you know how to dress like a billionaire, you know the 6 rules to always follow, and you know some excellent examples of suitable & stylish business attire.

Follow this billionaire style guide and your amateur days will be over, you are now equipped to do business like a professional.

You now know how to dress the part of a billionaire.

But if you want to actually become a billionaire

Don’t forget to also act the part and pursue good business deals.

Dressing the part is just for playtime.

Becoming the part, well…

That’s a whole other game, and it’s even more fun.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – If you enjoyed Nate’s Billionaire Style Guide tips and recommendations, you may enjoy his Casual Style Guide.

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